There were these 2 girls, Amanda and Kaylee. One had a DSi and a 3DS, the other had the regular old fashioned DS, no 2DS, no 3DS, no DSi...DS. That that girl was Amanda. One day she got to borrow the 3DS for a month. It was almost the end of the month anyways. She really wanted a 3DS, and the game with it, so she told Kaylee she lost it. Kaylee wasnt mad, she believed that it didnt matter what happened to what, a true friend is about the way they act. Amanda was surprised. But she was happy. So the next step was introducing the DS to the parents. Her parents didnt even care. So she thought it was perfect. She never told anyone what she did, except people online. She was soon playing Pokemon X all day. Leveling 'her' new Sylveon. 

The next week she left the DS at home to charge. She didnt need Kaylee to find out about her lie, in fact she even took all the stickers off. She had another 2 months to hide it. Another 2 months to keep away. Along with her state project, she was stressed. Her grandpa was dieing, her crush shut her out, and she had to do something about her state project! she didnt know what. She went to Kaylee who asked once again if Amanda found it, Amanda of course said no, "It was stolen." she said. Kaylee believed it. Amanda then afterschool  got comfy into her bed,playing the Pokemon game. A bunch of hours later, she was asleep. 

 The next month Kaylee noticed Amanda acted weird. She always hid everything away from her, Amanda usually wasnt like this. 'Somethings up' Kaylee whispered to herself. Amanda could have ruined the save file, but she wanted the game more. The sylveon,since it was a evee evolution, was never evolved. Amanda was happy about her sylveon. She wanted to name it cupcake. 

At the end of the year, they went home. Kaylee noticed something weird in Amanda's looked like her DS! Amanda was already on her way home by that time, it was the first day of summer. Kaylee was devastated...all that money! Kaylee couldnt do anything but re-earn everything. Kaylee didnt know where Amanda lived or her phone number. She couldnt do anything.