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Quality Standards

Okay, so you all come here to write stories. No shit, i want to too. But you must meet quality standards. Look below.

Quality Standards (rules)Edit

you dont have to go all proper. u can go like dis. i dont care, it has to be a story.

it must be at least okay, i understand amateurs. i dun mind if this is like a OMG MY FIRST STORY moment. just keep cool. and make sure its in mind that this is not a all age site, put some respect at this point. if i find you are under 13, wich i dont know how this would work, im going to ask you to leave the site.

post pictures! explain characters! and add a backstory to them. 

make sure you are on the ball, explaining everything in about 20 paragraphs will make the user bored. and dont explain one thing in 5 either..

add a interesting name xD im like running out of rules so...yeah. this is it for now!